It's time for love, it's time for love.
There's been too much hating, lying, betraying,
Don't you think we've had enough.
It's time to take the hand of a sister or brother
Time to understand and help each other,
Don't waste time 'cause people, it's time for love.

1.  Well, we take time for relaxing, even take time for TV.
And we take time out for coffee in the mornin' or an afternoon cup of tea.
But can we take time to meet our neighbor, or lend a helping hand.
If our schedule's too busy for loving one another,
Then I think we need a change of plan.


2.   Well, the clock hands keep on moving and the minutes pass us by.
And the days and the years going faster, faster, don't it make you wonder why
We ever give a moment's thought to anger, or spare the time to hold a grudge.
If we spend another minute not loving one another,
It'll be another minute too much.

CHORUS: twice

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